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Hello! My name is Antonio Rowe. I`m first of all an artist, a friend and then a photographer. I`m glad that you are considering me as your wedding photographer, for me it`s always a fortune to live out my passion of telling stories and creating art in every moment. Feel free to email me anytime, I`m here to serve you and be more than just the ordinary photographer. Your amigo, Antonio Rowe.

Alicia Mosee / Rock Quarry Garden

 Everyone knows that a bride sparkles on her wedding day. What is not common is that this sparkle stands out more than the actual sun, which is what happened on this wonderful, sunny afternoon at the Rocky Quarry Garden Park in Greenville, SC. Alicia and her captivating smile transmitted happiness and reflected all of the joy and satisfaction that the couple felt to finally have their wedding dreams materialize.

É mais que verdade que uma noiva brilha no dia do seu casamento.  O que não é comum é que essa luminosidade se destaque mais do que a própria luz do sol. Pois foi o que aconteceu, nesta agradável tarde de sol, no parque Rock Quarry Garden, Greenville, SC.  Alicia e seu cativante  sorriso transbordavam simpatia e refletiam toda a felicidade e satisfação de estar materializando, em um único dia, a plenitude  da união de dois seres, que em breve, iriam trilhar o mesmo caminho.



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One Response to “Alicia Mosee / Rock Quarry Garden”

  1. Lisa Henley says:

    Stunning photos. Love the way you work with the p&b images. By the way, beautiful bride! beautiful smile!

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